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  • We are now open Monday to Friday 10AM to 5PM, Saturday 10AM to 4PM, Sundays & Bank Holidays CLOSED ----
  • We are now open Monday to Friday 10AM to 5PM, Saturday 10AM to 4PM, Sundays & Bank Holidays CLOSED ----
  • We are now open Monday to Friday 10AM to 5PM, Saturday 10AM to 4PM, Sundays & Bank Holidays CLOSED ----
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Are you looking for a present to give someone for Christmas, then look no further.  We have just received a large range od fire pits, chimineas & braziers.  We have also added to our selection of outside cranes, geese and deer, which look perfect on a lawn or by a pond.  Of course we always have our usual fireside accessories including pokers, chestnut roasters and toasting forks, plus many other useful and unusual gifts.

It is also worth keeping some of our fuel to hand over the festive period to keep your fire going.  Our logs are consistently ‘bone dry’ and often have zero moisture.  We also always have a selection of eco fuels and our coffee logs are proving very popular.

We are pleased to wish all our past, present and future customers
A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 
and thankyou so much for your continued support.

The nights are really drawing in and we have the woodburner going, making it noce and cosy in the evening.

With  this in mind, we have had several new stoves arrive in our Ipswich Showroom and one of the nicest and reasonably priced is the Warmington by Newman Stoves.  This is a lovely compact, cast iron multifuel stove, giving up to 4.8kWs of heat (so an additional air vent is not normally required), and only required a 5” dia. liner.  Its design will fit inti most people’s décor and although a compact stove it will still take a 280mm log.  It is CE, HETAS and DEFRA approved and only costs £499 inc vat.

If you would prefer a more convenient form of heat why not come and look at our range of Electric stoves, no installation needed, just plug it in and you are ready to go.  We have a large range of designs and effects.  This includes the very realistic Dimplex Opti V, with it’s superb picture and crackling log sound, the Dimplex Opti Myst, with an effect that really looks like flames and the Gazco range with one of the quietest fans on the market.  Some are also available in different colours and different effects.

You are welcome to come down to our award-winning showroom and we will run through the many different models available.


Now is a good time to look around your garden to see if there is a spot that could do with a makeover.  We have a few garden table and chair sets, as well as benches, at rock bottom prices, to clear from our showroom.  There is a solid teak table and four chairs for only £599, (this set can all be folded, so storage is very easy).  We also have some large aluminium table and chair sets to find homes for.  These can be left out all year round, they do not rust and the chairs are not only very comfortable but stackable for easy storage.  We only have a few left, so hurry if you want to grab a bargain.

What a lovely summer it was and it is now time to start getting the garden ready for the autumn.

Something, which would really enhance the look of your garden, is an ornament or figurine.  We have a large range of cast aluminium animals and birds.  These have been hand finished to a very high standard and some are available in two finishes, either an attractive green/gold Verdi or dark bronze Verdi.  Because they are made from cast aluminium, this enables them to have a very detailed finish as well as being durable.  We have most of them on display at our Ipswich showroom, so come on down to Countrylife Stoves and see the quality of them for yourself.

Although it is hot outside, now is a very good time to consider buying a new stove or fireplace, whether for wood, coal, gas or electric.  A lot of companies start to put their prices up when the weather starts to get cold, so buying early can usually save you quite a few pounds.  Also you will probably be able to have your chosen stove or fireplace installed quite quickly, so purchase early to avoid the rush.

Something else to consider doing this month is checking over your stove to see if it needs any spare parts, door or glass seals replaced – We stock most sizes of high temperature ropes and seals, along with rope end tape, glass cleaner and stove polish, to get your stove looking brand new again.  Plus we can also obtain spares for most stoves and fireplaces.  Now is a good time to not only carry out a MOT on your stoves but also sweep your chimney, to get it ready for the autumn.  We have sweeps brushes in stock along with rods, if you wanted to sweep your chimney yourself.

We still have a few ex-display stoves and fireplaces left at up to 50% off.


We have just received our new stock of a brand new product, which is a fuel made from coffee waste, called Coffee Logs.  As the name suggests, it is a fuel made from waste coffee grounds, generating 80% less emissions than if the grounds had gone to landfill.  They are ideal for wood and multifuel stoves and also suitable to use on an open fire.  They can be used along side or instead of other more traditional fuels (e.g. logs, waste wood briquettes and smokeless coal).

The manufacturers of Coffee Logs have carried out test and have confirmed that the Coffee Logs burn 20% hotter and longer than kiln dried wood, due to their higher calorific value and low water content.  There is in fact the waste from 25 cups of coffee in each Coffee Log (400 cups in each bag), meaning that thousands of tonnes of waste coffee grounds from cafes, restaurants and offices are now being re-cycled every year.  Plus if you like the smell of coffee you will love these logs, they give off a slight pleasant smell of coffee.

Why not try this amazing fuel today

£1.00 OFF each Coffee Logs bag purchased from us, until the end of August (while stocks last).

We at Countrylife try to promote new products, which help to reduce emissions, reduce green house gases and use up an otherwise waste product, further more this product is produced in the UK.

REMEMBER – There is no such thing as waste
Only resources in the wrong place.

Remember – Woodburning Stoves Are Carbon Neutral

This is because they release, no more into our atmosphere, than the tree absorbed while it was growing and the carbon cycle is also relatively short.  Don’t forget wood is a sustainable fuel.  By coppicing existing trees or planting new trees we are helping our environment, not destroying it.

This is not the case with even the most efficient appliances, which burn fossil fuels.  Conventional heating appliances burning fossil fuels are releasing carbon and nitrogen, which was locked up millions of years ago, and it is this, which is casing an imbalance, which is leading to our atmosphere warming up.  Fossil fuels are also non sustainable, when they are used up they are gone for good! 

Whereas burning wood is sustainable.

People have been asking us the same questions over the season, all related to what the papers, internet and TV have been saying about woodburning stoves.  We have tried to put together a list of question and answers and hope this helps.

Are woodburning stoves going to be banned?
No.  There are no proposals to do this.  In fact burning ready to burn wood is one of the greenest ways of heating your home.

Will I have to replace my existing stove after 1st January 2022?
No.  The new ruling will only apply to stoves purchased and/or installed from the 1st January 2022.

Do woodburning stoves create a lot of pollution?
No.  The figures that have been appearing in the press, on the internet and on the TV also include open fires, incinerators and bonfires.  Woodburning stoves only attribute around 3%.

Are we going to run out of wood?
No.  Wood is a renewable heat source and carbon neutral.  Always burn Ready to Burn Wood, you will get more heat and burn less fuel.

If you are thinking of buying or changing your woodburner, we would always recommend that you look at an Eco Design Ready stove and burn Ready to Burn fuel.

There is still a lot in the press, on TV and the Internet, regarding woodburning stoves and the Clean Air Strategy 2019 launched by the government.  Everyone agrees that we must improve air quality, the problem is how!

Burning ready to burn wood in an Eco Design Ready stove is the best way forward, in fact these stoves and the right fuel are the greenest form of heating, because there is a zero carbon footprint.  The problem with particulate matter emissions lies in people burning the wrong fuel in old or non Eco Design Ready stoves.

Another green form of heating is pellet stoves, these stoves burn renewable fuel (made from a mixture of sawdust, wood chips, bark and other materials from plants), they emit a low level of air bourn particulates, are very efficient, they produce very little ash and don’t generate creosote in the chimney.  They are also ‘heat on demand’ appliances (in other words they turn themselves on and off as required).  If you are considering what heating system you should have installed in your house this summer, please look at buying an Eco Ready stove or pellet stove for a really green option.

If you would like to discuss any of the above in more detail, please feel welcome to contact us or visit our Ipswich showroom.

April 2019 
We mentioned last month about checking your chimney, the other things you should soon be doing, once the weather is warmer, is checking the rope seals of your stove’s door.  This is done by making sure that they are soft and doing their job properly, as hard or worn out rope will not give a very good seal, meaning that the fire may become more difficult to keep in and control.  Also check the seals around the glass to make sure they are still intact and soft.  If they have started to disintegrate or gone hard, they again will not be doing their job and this could cause the door glass to crack, which can be costly to replace.  We keep most sizes of rope and seals in stock, along with rope glue and tape, to seal the ends of the rope and stop it fraying.

Have a Happy Easter

March 2019

Can you believe it is March already and Spring is just round the corner?

One thing everyone, should now be doing, is checking if your chimney or flue needs sweeping.  This should be carried out at least once a year, preferably twice, although this does depend on usage.  Although there was a 5% decrease in chimney fires last year, there were still 4,015 in England alone and February to April are the main months when chimney fires occur.  Prevention is always better than the cure, so in addition to regular sweeping, using dry, good quality fuel is essential for continuing the efficient operation of your stove.

You can purchase sweeps brushes and rods from us, if you would like to sweep your chimney yourself, it is also worth purchasing tar eradicator and use it before the chimney is swept, as it does really help loosen any tar, so it can be swept away.  We currently have tubs of tar eradicator in stock at £14.99.

We also have good supplies of really dry ready to burn wood, kindling, smokeless solid fuels and wood briquettes, so just pop down to our showroom, where we will run through all the different fuels on offer and advise what would be best for you.

There has been much in the press, on television and on the internet recently about woodburners and their emissions.  What no one tells you, it is the wrong type of fuels being burnt in the woodburners that is causing the problem, NOT the woodburner itself, unless your woodburner is of an older type.  If the wood you burn is more than 20% moisture content or the solid fuel you are using is not smokeless you will have higher emissions.  The only way to reduce emissions and help the environment is by burning the correct fuel.  Another reason for only burning the correct fuel is the heat output you can get from it.  Are you aware that wood with 40% moisture will only give you 2.7kW where as a wood with 20% moisture will give you 5kW.  We as a company only sell fuel that is kiln or solar dried (maximum of 10% moisture) although our fuel is usually at less than 5% moisture, sometimes it reads zero.  We sell this fuel in small quantities, as well as large builders bags, depending on your requirements.

We mentioned earlier about the age of your woodburner, if your woodburner is more than 10 years old it is probably not running as efficiently as a newer model, even with the correct fuel.  Not only will a new stove reduce your emissions by as much as 80%, but newer stoves are a lot more efficient.  So not only will you help the environment, you will get more heat from less fuel, a win win scenario.  We would recommend that you purchase an Ecodesign Ready stove, as these have been tested and their emissions and particulates are very low

If you are unsure about your stove or what stove you should go for, give us a ring on 10473 258738 or email us at if you would like any advice.  Advice is free and we will always try to help customers whenever we can.


We are keeping this newsletter brief as we are preparing for our January 2019 sale; it commences on the 2nd January and will continue throughout January with stoves from £299.00.  Now the weather is getting colder it is a good time to get a stove fitted, so you are kept warm throughout the cold winter, so why not save some money and get warm at the same time.

We have plenty of good quality fuel in stock, from kindling, firelighters, ready to burn premium logs and other environmentally friendly fuels.  Why not come in and see what we have.

Please come to our showroom and see the All New island 1 that Charnwood have recently launched and will be followed by the All New Island 2, early in the New Year.

The All New Island 1 has been completely redesigned with cleaner lines, true symmetry and a larger window (38% larger than the original), this stove also boasts efficiency in excess of 85% and an extremely low smoke level.  It incorporates brand new burning technology, which not only exceeds the new Ecodesign standards, but also meets Defra exemption limits, allowing wood to be burnt cleanly and having an incredibly low particulate level of just 9mg/m3.

The All New Island 1 is a British designed and manufactured stove from the Isle of Wight, using the best British cast iron & sheet steel, the All New Island 1 is one of the cleanest, greenest stoves on the market today.  It is very easy to operate, with one simple push/pull control and incorporates ground breaking technology, ensuring the customer gets the very best efficiency from their fuel, plus a cool-to-touch handle for quick and safe re-fuelling.

This stove is available in two leg heights or with a log store as well as in several different colour options, enabling the All New Island 1 to be individual to each person.


I must apologise for the lateness of our November Newsletter, We have been kept busy unpacking all our new stock for this coming season.

We have had many new companion sets, log buckets and coal hods, along with other fireplace accessories.  There are lots of new designs in many different finishes and colours, meaning that you will find something to meet your needs and finish that look that you are trying to achieve.

I must also tell you about the new Skope electric inset fire from Gazco.  This fire has a flame effect second to none, with state of the ark remote control, which not only lets you adjust the heat setting, but also the flame picture and colour, plus it has a programmable thermostatic control, making it very easy to use and meets all the new electrical regulations, which come into force soon.

Another new range to our showroom are the Charlton & Jenrick stoves.  These stoves are not only 100% 2022 Eco Design Ready, but are also British designed.  Charlton & Jenrick are based at Telford, which is only a stone’s throw away from the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution at Coalbrookdale.  The Fireline model, which we have in our showroom, incorporates an advanced patented firebox combustion technology, developed by Charlton & Jenrick, along with a technically advanced single air control and powerful airwash.  The Woodtec 5XW model offers one of the largest viewing windows on the market for a 5kW stove.  These stoves can also be personalised with optional stands, log stores and choice of handles.

Come and visit our Ipswich showroom to see all the new items we have for the coming season.

The nights are now drawing in and it is that time of the year when you start lighting your stove.  If you read last month’s newsletter, you will have already made sure that your stove is ready to go for the coming season, by checking that your door and glass seals, bricks, baffle plate, etc. are in good order and replaced them, if they were not.  If you haven’t, it is not too late.  Just visit our Ipswich showroom with your requirements and we should have most items in stock, so you can light your stove tonight.

Chimney Fire Safety Week is running from the 3rd to the 9th of September.  This is a campaign that strives to raise awareness of chimney fire.  It encourages people to take action focusing on the importance of sweeping your chimney, appliance maintenance, the use of quality fuels and tips to get the most efficiency from your stove.


If you want your stove to give off more heat, the drier the wood the hotter and more efficient the stove will run.  Remember the wood you burn in your stove should at least be seasoned, but the wood will still contain 20-25% moisture.  We stock handy moisture meters for you to check the moisture content of your logs.  For more heat output from your stove, burn drier wood.

At Countrylife Stoves, we only sell kiln or solar dried fire wood, this has a moisture content of 10% or less, and because we keep it indoors all year round, it is VERY dry.

We also sell responsibly sourced kindling, environmentally friendly firelighters, compressed wood shaving logs made from virgin waste wood, solid fuel with 50% less emissions, paper log briquette makers that will get rid of all your paper waste, along with matches, moisture meters, stove thermometers to ensure your stove is running at maximum efficiency, plus a large range of log baskets and carriers to either bring in or store the fuel for your evenings enjoyment.


Although it is hot and sunny outside, now is a good time to look at your stove, gas fire and fireplace, because before you know it, autumn will be here and you will need to start using them again.

It maybe that your stove is not looking as pristine as it used to and you would like to smarten it’s appearance, this can be done by either re-spraying/painting with heatproof paint or applying black stove polish.  With gas fires you can also get those tired looking gas coals looking new again, by spraying them with gas coal paint.  Give us a ring and we can give you advice on what products would be best for you.

Now is also a good time to check all the seals on the doors and glass to make sure they are doing their job, if they have started to go hard or disintegrate, this is a sign that they need replacing.  We keep in stock a large range of ropes and seals, along with heat resistant adhesive and rope end tape.

Look at your fireplace; does it need and additional cleaning?  If it does, we sell a range of cleaning products for bricks, stone or marble.

Also check the inside of your stove; does it require any spares, such as firebricks, fire bars or baffle plate?  We either stock, or can order for you, spares for most makes of stoves.

We also stock chimney sweeping sets and brushes, for those of you who would prefer to do the job yourself, as well as all the necessary chimney cleaning products.


Countrylife Stoves are pleased to inform our customers about a new British designed stove that has just arrived in our Ipswich showroom.  The Woolly Mammoth 5.  Although the smallest in the Woolly Mammoth range, it has a brilliant view of the fire, due to its large single door.

The Woolly Mammoth stove is a very competitively priced stove, starting at just £399.99 inc vat.  There are a multitude of options including different leg heights and hand painted door colours, ensuring this stove can offer something to suit all tastes and room settings.  The Woolly Mammoth 5 has the design of a traditional cast iron stove and by introducing a contemporary steel body; it will reach optimum temperatures swiftly and  efficiently.  It is also 79.4% efficient, which means it has an ‘A Energy Rating’ plus official approval from HETAS and DEFRA.  This stove has a multifuel grate as standard; which makes de-ashing these stoves very easy.

There are several stoves in the Woolly Mammoth range offering a choice of heat outputs and styles, bringing the comfort glow of a real fire into your home in a modern, controllable and highly efficient way.


We still have a few ex-display stoves to clear;  we need to make room for all our new stock, which will be arriving soon.

At Countrylife Stoves we always like to promote British made products and we are proud to announce the arrival of another 100% British manufactured stove.

The Clock stove has a timeless elegant design with an excellent view of the fire through its large glass door.  The stove is over 80% efficient with an output of between 3.5kW to 9.5kW.  It has an average heat output of 5kW, therefore does not normally require an air vent.  It also meets the new stringent emission tests, making it one of the few Eco Design 2022 ready stoves.

It is available both as standard stove on legs or with a log store and will run on ready to burn wood, smokeless solid fuels, or Eco-fuels.  You can also personalise your stove by choosing different coloured handles, either in chrome or brass and have the stove in one of the many different colours available.

For more information regarding this new stove please feel welcome to visit our showroom or phone us on 01473 258738.

Hello and welcome to our first newsletter.

We hope you enjoy our updated website, which we have tried to make easy to navigate, although if you have any suggestions please contact us, as we are always looking for ways to improve our service to you.

Something we should all be thinking about this time of year is – Is our chimney OK?

Are you aware that a lot of chimney fires happen between February and April? This is due to wet fuel having been burnt and a build up of tar being deposited inside your chimney. If this has happened you can burn a flue and chimney cleaning powder. These will not only help to remove the tar/creasote in your chimney, but also alter its composition, making it easier for the tar build up to be swept away. But dont forget to book the chimney sweep!

We have on offer this month, to get you started, a chimney cleaning log which is usually £17.99 and we have them at only £9.99, while stocks last.

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